Solar (55 kWp)

Project Description

Description: In this energy saving project, Botau has designed a photovoltaic system with a nominal power of 55 kWp. In addition, we consulted our client to replace its lighting system with highly energy efficient lighting technology (LED). By way of these energy conversation measures, the factory will save about 86000 kWh on yearly basis, which accounts for 100% of its use of electricity.

System Power: 55 kWp
System Type: Rooftop
Orientation: South
Energy output: 53000 kWh/year
Cost saving: 100% of total electricity costs
CO2 reduction: 32 tonne/year

  • Type

    Photovoltaic System

  • Manufacturer

    Botau Engineering

  • Date


  • Location

    The Netherlands

  • Country

    The Netherlands

botaubeheerSolar (55 kWp)