Meet our team

We are committed to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that responds to the needs of our human society.

Bert den Boer Managing Director

Bert is the Founder and Managing Director of Botau. He specializes in engineering, automation, high-tech systems, technical management, and construction, including Light Steel Frame technology. Bert has carried out different projects in Europe, Africa and Asia in the field of automation and Mechanical Engineering. He is the designer of industrial machines, high-tech systems and prototypes, which are, among others, being deployed in different industries, including steel industry, aerospace, construction, shipbuilding, food industry, and consumer goods industry.

Deimond Nasiri Technical Director

Deimond is the Technical Director of Botau Construction and Engineering. He specializes in green building, construction, Light Steel Frame design, technical management, and CAD/CAM programming and drawing. In addition, he is responsible for project management, project engineering, project planning, and budget control. As a technical director, Deimond has coordinated Botau’s LSF international projects in various countries across the globe.

Shahin Nasiri Director Strategy and Sustainability

Shahin serves as the Director Strategy and Sustainability for Botau. He specializes in strategic planning, sustainable innovation, project design, renewable energy, feasibility studies, technical risk analysis, risk management, and project planning. As project designer, he has contributed to the establishment and the materialization of Botau’s international projects in Europe, Africa and Asia. Shahin studied aerospace engineering, philosophy and political theory. He is a PhD-candidate in political Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam.

Maarten den Boer Director Control Systems and Finance

Maarten has years of experience in the fields of electrical engineering, automation, control, renewable energy, instrumentation and gas detection. He has designed several control systems for industrial machines and automation processes. He is also responsible for the gas detection division of Botau Engineering. Before joining Botau, Maarten worked, as an electrical engineer, for leading companies such as Royal DSM and Alewijnse.

Leila Faghfouri Azar Senior Legal Advisor

Leila collaborates with Botau in international development projects in Asia and Africa. She has an extensive record of collaboration with international organizations, including International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, Management Systems International and UNESCO chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy. She is a Ph.D. Candidate in legal theory at the University of Amsterdam and holds degrees in international human rights law and philosophy from Iran, Leiden and Oxford.

Nahomi Bolte Green Building Consultant

Nahomi acts as Botau's construction and green building consultant. He is responsible for designing, project planning, permitting, quality assurance, inspection, supervision and energy saving consultancy. As an engineer, Nahomi specializes in 2D/3D building design and Light Steel Frame (LSF) building technology. He has been involved in Botau's domestic and international projects.